A unique individual seamlessly blending three invaluable traits: 

Creativity, Technology & Design.

Creative Visionary:

Explore Mind-Blowing Projects 🤯

Technologist Extraordinaire:

Read Technical Articles 🧪

Designer of Magical Products:

Building Speed of Thought 🏗️

Designing, prototyping, building, and deploying with lightning-fast iterations.

This combination of creativity, technical prowess, and consumer focus makes for an outstanding talent.

Most importantly plays well with others :-)

From all accounts should have been killed ☠️ by all three phases of water 🌊.

Solid: Boarding blizzard snow 🏂, Liquid: Surfing storm waves 🏄‍ and Vapor: Sailing hurricane winds ⛵️ ... Lucky & Glad to be alive!

[Intro Letter] (https://shorturl.at/adgsU)

[Resume] (https://shorturl.at/ejyAJ)

[Speaking Events] (https://goo.gl/7Wi8cF)

[Companies] (https://www.ylabz.com/companies)

[Design Tech Studio] (https://www.gnseven.com)